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Frequently Asked Questions (Relationships and Sex Education)

Parents Consultation letter 2023 – Now open for consultation, please see letter link and a link to our RSE Policy

Big Talk – Parental Letter January 2023

Big Talk delivers high quality age appropriate Sex and Relationship education across primary and secondary schools across the UK. Each year there is a programme for Yr 7-11 students covering the sessions outlined below. Big Talk also offer bespoke, 1:1 or small group sessions for students if requested. RSE is also covered in our PSHCE and Science curriculum in addition to the sessions delivered by Big Talk to make sure we are meeting the statutory requirements for RSE in schools.

Year 7+

  • Introduction to Secondary RSE – The basis of knowledge of year 7 pupils can vary considerably dependent on the quality of their primary RSE provision or lack thereof. This lesson is designed to establish knowledge levels, ensure consistent accurate knowledge of core topics and back fill gaps. Themes covered include proactive safeguarding, reproduction, puberty, relationships, body image, gender and reliable sources of information.

Year 8+

  • RSE Building on the Basics – In year 8 we address core themes within RSE, myth busting common misconceptions of young people around sex, risky behaviour, pregnancy, rights and responsibilities, as well as the law. The young people work with the team to clarify definitions of terms they have heard but may not understand, as well as answering questions in a safe confidential environment.
  • Understanding Sexuality – We work with the young people to discuss changes in friendships and relationships as they may begin to develop emotional and romantic attachments. This covers all types of relationships and as with all of our programme, is fully LGBTQ+ inclusive. The workshop covers a range of themes that affect relationships and young people’s perception of what constitutes a healthy relationship. We address peer pressure, abusive relationships and gender stereotypes, as well as contemporary issues such as youth generated images (sexting), internet safety and the dangers of inappropriate websites which we demonstrate can warp a young persons’ view of social norms.

Year 9+

  • Infections and Protection – At this point we introduce the young people to the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, ensuring they understand the short and long term effects, as well as which can be treated or cured and which can’t. The lesson includes information on safer sex, a demonstration of condoms and the local information relating to how, (when the time is right for them) to access them for free. Developing a greater awareness of the law, consent, better communication skills about safer sex and confidence to make good decisions are all objectives for this workshop.
  • Sex: Your Decisions – Building on the themes of consent and contraception from the previous lesson, this session introduces more of the choices that young people need to consider before entering a sexual relationship. Covering the most up to date contraception information with details on efficacy, is critical to help young people make informed decisions. To underline the consequences of decision making, we highlight the effects of unplanned parenthood on potential mothers and fathers. We highlight the limited power of fathers in decision making, the effects of pregnancy for mothers, as well as the financial and lifestyle impact for both.

Year 10+  (Only where Year 9 workshops have already been delivered)

  • Mates, Dates, Loves, Hates – This lesson is designed to aid young people identify abusive relationships and establish boundaries. Covering a wide range of abuse from verbal, emotional, financial, sexual and physical as well as isolation. By highlighting the warning signs of these we explore how young people could help their friends through these situations and where to get help, if they have concerns. To ensure the reinforcement of healthy relationships the team work with the group to discuss the positive qualities of their perfect partners.
  • Paths to Parenthood – Suitable for year 10 onwards this lesson focuses on the routes to parenthood that today’s young people may encounter. As the average age of parents rises, so does the number of young people that may require fertility treatment later in life. This lesson also includes the path to parenthood for LGBTQ+ people, which has historically not been covered in RSE lessons. It is also within this topic that we touch on termination, statistics show that one in three women will have a termination before the age of 45, so sharing information on this subject may be of relevance to a significant number of students in the future.

Year 11+

  • RSE: Show what you know – This is often the age at which some young people are thinking of becoming sexually active, so we review the essential material to ensure that the key topics are front of mind for the group. Covering consent, contraception, condoms and the responsibilities of young people, we once again highlight the ever present, potential risks of STIs and unplanned parenthood as well as the positives of pleasure and healthy relationships.

Below is a link to their website and you can find a parental letter from Big Talk above.

Big Talk Website